About Us

Hammertech provides advanced oil & gas flow measurement products

Our products help operating companies improve oil recovery and increase production plant throughput

Water in abundance is usually a blessing. Pure fresh water from the Norwegian mountains has been used in generations for power generation, irrigation, industrial production, and drinking water. And still is.

In oil and gas production, produced water is a nuisance. The production of water reduces the pressure in the reservoir more than necessary, and the produced water reduces the capacity of the production facility. The operator needs to dispose of the water, either by discharging it to the environment or by re-injecting it to the reservoir. The produced water will always represent a cost for the operator.

Managing water production is a complex task, involving many disciplines and highly trained and specialized engineers. The essence of this task is location of the source of the water production. Identifying the well, and ultimately the specific water producing zone in the well, can be a time consuming and complex task.

Hammertech provides a new, innovative and cost efficient water fraction and conductivity detector (AquaField TM) which can be installed on each well in order to trend both water fraction and conductivity.

In addition to the AquaField meter which is introduced in the market place in 2017, the Hammertech product portfolio is under continuous development and will include:

  • AquaWell – a permanent downhole water fraction and conductivity meter
  • AquaWire – a wireline logging tool for production logging
  • AquaMud – a meter for real time characterization of drilling fluids


Hammertech AS is as a spin-off company from the University of Bergen based on extensive research carried out by Professor Erling Hammer and his team at the Institute of Physics and Technology.

The Hammertech team has extensive industrial experience within multiphase metering comprising R&D, fabrication, flow meter testing, field installations as well as operational use of multiphase meters. The Hammertech Board Members have intimate knowledge of the oil & gas industry through leading positions in oil service companies and oil & gas operators.

Prof. Hammer has been involved in several successful commercializations throughout the last three decades.

Hammertech is located close to Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) in order to have easy access to CMR’s advanced multiphase test facility and expertise within multiphase metering.


Stig Frøyen
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Oktay Vandemir
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Jan Yngve Vindenes
Senior prosjektingeniør

Erling Michelsen
Production and logistics responsible

Finn Erik Mohn Berge
VP Sales

Morten Brandt

Sigmund Hjermann

Kristian Eckhoff
VP Research and Development

Andreas Haveland
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Odd-Petter Kalsaas
Senior Multiphase Analyst

Bjørn Aadland

Gjermund Dyrnes
Industrial Engineer