Quality Policy

Customer success is the foundation of our existence.

Hammertech AS aims to be market-oriented and knowledgeable of customer needs by listening to customers´ opinions and take these into account.

Hammertech AS aims to comply with interested parties´ requirements and expectations.

Employees are trained systematically in their work. Employees are enabled to perform current and new tasks in line with market developments.

Suppliers are considered part of our business, to ensure our requirements and needs at all times are met.

The quality system shall be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The CEO is ultimately responsible for the quality of the company services and will ensure this by facilitating the quality system to achieve our quality objectives.

Our vision is to provide low cost, high quality water fraction and multiphase metering products for improved flow assurance and control of production wells to the oil and gas industry


Stig Frøyen
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Oktay Vandemir
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Jan Yngve Vindenes
Senior prosjektingeniør

Erling Michelsen
Production and logistics responsible

Finn Erik Mohn Berge
VP Sales

Morten Brandt

Sigmund Hjermann

Kristian Eckhoff
VP Research and Development

Andreas Haveland
Senior Multiphase Specialist

Odd-Petter Kalsaas
Senior Multiphase Analyst

Bjørn Aadland

Gjermund Dyrnes
Industrial Engineer