World’s first PVT independent Multiphase Fraction & Salinity Meter


In oil and gas production, produced water is a nuisance. The production of water reduces the pressure in the reservoir more than necessary, and the produced water reduces the capacity of the production facility. The operator needs to dispose of the water, either by discharging it to the environment or by re-injecting it to the reservoir. The produced water will always represent a cost for the operator.

“Unrivalled disruptive technology
– Making multiphase metering affordable”


Managing water production is a complex task, involving many disciplines and highly trained and specialized engineers. Hammertech simplifies this complex task by providing an innovative and cost efficient multiphase fraction and salinity meter (AquaField™) which can be installed on each well in order to measure and trend water contents, gas fraction and salinity. The result is a complete reservoir management overview:

• online, real-time measurement of all phases at the wellhead
• real-time water salinity trending
• the immediate identification of water breakthrough
• pre-empting of the danger of separator water flooding

With low cost online measurements, operators can also remove their manual and carbon footprint and evolve towards the automation/digitization of the field.

The AquaField™

• First low cost wellhead multiphase meter
• Bridge between the conventional solutions (Water cut and multiphase meters)

Downscaled and simplified measurement in multiphase flow
• No PVT input needed – PVT independent
• Low CAPEX – low installation cost
• Low OPEX – low maintenance cost: plug & play, no calibration, no inputs / updates, no cleaning
• Simplified multiphase metering: Water content (Water Fraction and Water Liquid Ratio / Water Cut), Gas Fraction and Water Conductivity (salinity)
• Online trending of individual wellstream water liquid ratio and salinity in multiphase flow
• Simple single-sensor unit

Robust, innovative and simple design
• Combining advanced physics with smart, low cost design
• No radioactive elements and no moving parts
• Small and lightweight (<30 kg)


Operating range

0 - ​​100% WLR / 0 - 90% GVF / Water continuous flow & Oil continuous flow


In line with flow & vertical upwards flow w/ T-bend

Design Pressure

90 Bar (1.300 psi)

Design temperature (flowing process temp.)

− 20 to +120 DegC (− 4 to +248 DegF)

Ambient temperature

− 20 to +55 DegC (− 4 to +131 DegF)

Other P/T specifications

on request

Salinity operating range

3000 − 300 000ppm

Power requirement

24 VDC, <50 W (adaptable)



Hazardous Area Certification

ZONE 2 ATEX / IECEx / Ex ec IIB T3 Gc

Material Compliance

NACE MR 0175 / ISO 15156

Typical Size & weight (1.5” ANSI600 SS316)

Height 300 mm – Flange diameter 220 mm – Weight 30 kg

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