Hammertech moves to new office facilities – June 2018

In June 2018 Hammertech moved to new facilities in Nesttunbrekka 97B after being located at NORCE (formerly known as Christian Michelsen Research Centre) in Fantoft since 2011. Nesttunbrekka is located close to Nesttun and just 10 minutes away from Bergen Airport Flesland. The building was completed in 2016 with facilities such as underground and outside car park, cantina, and roof terrace. Hammertech has got offices on the ground floor with easy access to our manufacturing workshop to facilitate effortless loading of AquaField units to transportation vehicles for shipment to customers worldwide.

In our new facilities Hammertech has the possibility to facilitate growth, both in personnel and production. With the new manufacturing workshop Hammertech will have the capacity to produce over 1.000 AquaField units annually to our customers all over the globe.

If you wish to come and visit us, please let us know and we can arrange a visit giving you a presentation of the unique AquaField technology – the world’s first PVT independent and non-gamma multiphase fraction and salinity meter, and a tour in our new workshop.