Hammertech presents AquaField at NORWEP ADNOC Workshop – March 2022

On Tuesday 8th March our VP Business Development, Finn Erik T. Mohn, spoke at NORWEP’s ADNOC Workshop on CO2 Reduction Technologies. Finn Erik presented the AquaField – a plug & play tool that is used to measure the multiphase components of the flow – and how it can used for CO2 reduction by providing accurate, online & real-time wellhead measurements.

In the presentation, Finn Erik explained that by introducing AquaFields on the wells in an oil field, the Operator would immediately get accurate, online, and real-time measurements of the flow where the AquaField provides online data of key measurements such as water cut, salinity and gas fraction.

The CO2 emission reduction for an Operator will be significant such as:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions from mobile well testing, eliminating:
    • Trucks used to transport mobile well systems
    • Generators to power systems
      Flaring of gas from test separators
  • Reduced CO2 emissions from sampling, eliminating:
    • Vehicles used to transport personnel to do sampling
  • Reduced water production → less water treatment → less water disposal → less energy used for water management

In addition, with online and real-time data, a water breakthrough can be identified immediately, and the Operator can act accordingly. Ultimately, with online and real-time data available, the Operator can optimize the hydrocarbon volume in production.

Finn Erik also presented a real-life scenario that occurred this summer with one of our clients in Egypt where the AquaField detected a sudden increase in water production. The AquaField gave an alarm on water cut and salinity values outside a set of boundaries resulting in that the Operator field team immediately investigated the well closer. The field team discovered that a casing failure was causing the 100% water production from the upper reservoir zone containing very high salt crystal content, and this affected production. The well is currently being worked over and is expected to be up and running late this year.

Finn Erik mentioned at the end that our client was very pleased that we detected the sudden water increase so quickly since this well was part of a shared concession with another operator.