Hammertech receives order from major Norwegian Operator – October 2021

In October Hammertech received an order from a major Norwegian Operator for installation of AquaField offshore in the North Sea.

The Norwegian Operator informed they had issues maintaining the accuracy and stability from the measurements from the current multiphase flow meters (MPFM) on the market today, especially if the fluid properties (PVT changes) changed.

After learning about the PVT independent AquaField the Norwegian Operator decided to implement the AquaField into their system to improve several points, such as:

  • The AquaField would be a reference measurement for the MPFM on water cut (WLR) measurement and salinity measurement, improving the accuracy and stability of the entire measurement system. This would also reduce the intense maintenance requirements of MPFMs.
  • The AquaField would provide redundancy in case of future failure of the MPFM. If e.g., the fraction system of the MPFM would fail then the AquaField combined with the mass flow measurement (e.g., venturi) from the MPFM then the combined system would provide flow rates of oil, water, and gas.
  • The AquaField will provide greater certainty to key measurements related to flow assurance issues, such as salinity measurements and correct water cut (WLR) measurements.
  • The AquaField will provide improved accuracy giving more reliable data for production and reservoir management.
  • The AquaField will be combined with a virtual flow metering system giving an independent multiphase flow meter system that could be used to compare with the measurement results from the MPFMs.
  • In the future, the AquaField could replace test separators and sampling stations offshore, thereby reducing cost and the carbon footprint.