Successful Qualification with Petrobel in Egypt – August 2020

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In August 2020 Hammertech completed a successful qualification test with Egyptian JV Petrobel (a joint venture between the national oil company of Egypt, EGPC and Italian multinational oil and gas company ENI). Petrobel had shown great interest in the AquaField™, which is the world’s first PVT-Independent and non-gamma multiphase fraction & salinity meter. Petrobel were interested in if the AquaField™ was in fact such an easy-to-operate and plug and play meter as they had heard, and at the end of the qualification test they witnessed in person that this was very true and the AquaField™ became qualified for Petrobel operations.

The test was scheduled to be done in March/April 2020, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Hammertech service specialist were prohibited from entering Egypt and leaving Norway. This resulted in that Hammertech needed to accelerate the remote commissioning strategy and provide training to our local agent Aplus in Egypt so they could do the installation and commissioning of the AquaField™ meter.

Summer 2020 the AquaField™ was shipped to Petrobel’s field on the Sinai Peninsula. Installation and commissioning were completed smoothly, quickly and with excellent collaboration between Petrobel, Aplus locally and Hammertech who supported only remotely from Norway. The qualification test became a huge success where Petrobel were highly impressed of the smooth installation process and the simplicity of the commissioning. The measurement results from the AquaField™ were compared with samples taken by Petrobel during the test period showing that the AquaField™ performed within +/- 2% ABS on the water-cut (WLR) over the entire test period resulting in that the AquaField™ was qualified for operations with Petrobel.

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