The AquaField detects Water Breakthrough for Egyptian Operator – August 2021

In August 2021 the AquaField from Hammertech detected a water breakthrough on a well for East Zeit Petroleum (Zeitco), a joint venture (JV) between Dana Petroleum Company and Egyptian General Petroleum Cooperation (EGPC).

The Hammertech Service team was assisting Zeitco in monitoring the well remotely from the Hammertech HQ in Bergen, Norway, when over a period of only 6-8 hours the well increased water production significantly. Readings from the AquaField showed that the water cut increased from around 52 % to 67 % first, then later reached 100 %, at the same time gas fraction naturally reduced with the temperature.

Zeitco decided to shut down the well, and investigations afterwards showed that a casing failure caused the significant increase in water production from the upper reservoir zone. Zeitco was very relieved and pleased that the AquaField detected the water breakthrough so quickly saving them a lot of extra cost of increased water production.