The AquaField used as Plug & Play Mobile Well Tester for Egyptian Operator – September 2021

In September 2021 the AquaField from Hammertech was used a mobile well tester for an Egyptian Operator. The Egyptian Operator had 26 wells that they needed to run well testing on and decided to use the PVT independent AquaField as this would simplify the commissioning and operation of each well. The AquaField was installed in a small skid of around h100 x w100 x d80 cm and transported on the back of a small pickup truck.

In only 45 days all the 26 wells had been tested, without any Hammertech Service personnel being present but only monitoring the operation remotely from Hammertech HQ in Bergen, Norway. The installation, set-up, commissioning, operation and moving from well to well was performed by local personnel from the Operator who had no experience in multiphase metering.

The local personnel only needed to connect the AquaField to the well, power up and the AquaField was up and running providing valuable data to the Operator on every well. This proved that the AquaField truly is a plug and play multiphase meter, unlike anything else on the market today.