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PVT-Independent Multiphase Water Cut Meter

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Optimized Drilling with Real-time Mud Analysis

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Improved oil recovery through digitalization - with AquaField™

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Hammertech Solution Portfolio

World's first PVT Independent Multiphase Meter

AquaField™ Green

Multiphase Water Cut Meter

The AquaField™ GREEN serves as a water cut meter, identifying shifts in water production from individual wells and providing critical measurements such as oil and gas fractions and salinity.

AquaField™ Gold

Multiphase Flow Meter

Introducing the AquaField™ GOLD, a state-of-the-art multiphase flow measurement device specifically designed to measure production flow rates and salinity from individual wells.

AquaField™ Mud

Mud Meter

Introducing AquaField™ Mud Meter - a revolutionary solution that optimizes fluid logging processes when drilling through digitalization and automation with online and real-time mud logging.

We seamlessly integrate innovation in flow

Hammertech transforms oil and gas field operations with a comprehensive AquaField™ solution portfolio, comprising of, cost-effective multiphase water cut, multiphase flow, and mud logging meters.

Installed at the wellhead, AquaField™ multiphase meters provide real-time measurements for optimized reservoir management. It enables continuous monitoring, swiftly identifying water breakthroughs and reducing the risk of separator water flooding. Operators benefit from streamlined automation, minimizing manual intervention and reducing the carbon footprint.

Installed as part of the automated mud logging systems, the AquaField™ Mud meter plays a vital role in optimizing drilling operations, reducing costs, and maximizing the chances of successful well completion in the oil and gas industry.

Join us in transforming towards a greener planet with our innovative metering solutions.

Fueling Success

Reviews from our clients across globe from dynamic Oil and Gas Industry
- where excellence meets innovation

“Significance of this Partnership”

- Vice President of Sales & Operation at Aplus

“We are thrilled to introduce AquaField™ to the Egyptian and Libyan markets. This technology is a significant contribution to optimizing production while actively working towards reducing CO2 emissions. This order is just the beginning of something much larger.”

“Impressive Performance & Productivity”

- Petroleum engineering Specialist from the Production & Facilities Development Department in Saudi Aramco

“We are excited to have Hammertech’s AquaField™ multiphase water cut meters pre-qualified and are looking forward to use this technology in our operations”

Our Clients

Recent News

Hammertech AquaField™ seals a substantial contract exceeding NOK 20 million

Bergen, Norway - Hammertech AS, a subsidiary of Nordic Technology Group AS (NTG), is pleased to announce that it has secured a substantial contract valued at over NOK 20 million...

Hammertech AquaField™ secures contract with possible value in excess of NOK 10 million

Bergen, Norway - Hammertech AS, a subsidiary of Nordic Technology Group AS (NTG), has been selected as a collaboration partner by an offshore field operator...

Hammertech AquaField™ Achieves Qualification Milestone - Technically Qualified by Saudi Aramco

Bergen, Norway - Hammertech AS, a subsidiary of Nordic Technology Group AS (NTG), proudly announces a significant milestone in the qualification process...

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