Hammertech receives order from major Operator in the Middle East – January 2022

In January Hammertech received an order from a major Operator in the Middle East for installation of several AquaField onshore.

The Operator informed us that the main application for the AquaFields was for proactive surveillance. The Operator had several challenges on both the well level and the field level:

On the well level, water cut fluctuation and flow regime changes caused the following:

  • Affecting the water cut measurement accuracy
  • Inducing discrepancy between multiphase flow meters (MPFM) and mobile/portable well testing systems
  • High sampling frequency

On the field level, well test results inaccuracy related to water cut fluctuation, resulted in:

  • Field allocation inaccuracy
  • Inaccuracy in determination of field gas volume

The Operator stated that the AquaField addresses both well and field level challenges, thereby improving measurements, optimizing production, increasing hydrocarbon output and reducing cost.